About the Company

BSS has been supplying steel in the Portsmouth area for many years. Our qualified, capable team are highly trained and efficient when it comes to steel projects. We have extensive experience in a range of sectors, providing steel and services where requested.

Building Steels Solutions is a qualified and experienced structural steelwork company with over 40 years of experience in designing, fabricating and supplying steel for a host of applications, customers and industries throughout London and Southern England. For years we have been loyal to our local builder base on which the foundation of our company was built upon. As we have grown, BSS have expanded into all other areas of steelwork, with talented designers making up our drawing and design team, and our certified fabrication team.


Our connections have progressed too, and we work with outside contractors to help you get the best experience with us. We take pride and responsibility in our work to provide safe services to all of our customers and our satisfaction comes from seeing our work finished in a timely manner to the best of our ability. Likewise, we are a firm believer of our clients’ problems being our own, so you can rest assured that any challenges or obstacles will be worked on until we can find a fitting solution, be that bespoke steel fabrication, a change of welding techniques, or structural support.