Architectural Metalwork

Steel is an excellent material for architectural purposes, providing strength and practicality and, where required, elegance and style.

Here at BSS we are experts in steel fabrication. Our workshop for steel fabrication in Portsmouth includes a separate zone for architectural mild steel fabrication and an isolated fabrication zone for non-ferrous material, including stainless steel and aluminium. We use our drawing and design team to assist in interpreting the architect’s plans, and turn paper concepts into beautiful reality.

While we oversee the fabrication and installation of all forms of steel staircases, balustrades, railings, and balconies, we are also responsible for all manner of feature metalwork for the hospitality industry. We use surveying and design capabilities to bring your projects to life, and furthermore use detailed 3D drawings and 3D modelling to get the best visuals for your project. We always work to make your architectural steelwork strong and practical, with elegance and style, using our expertise in mild and stainless steel and these detailed drawings from our team.

Our team have installed a great number of different metalwork projects over the last few years. Featured are two spiral staircases we installed in Shoreditch, London. Our design capabilities played a crucial part in this project; our detailed 3D drawings created by our technical staff allowed us to source the curved stainless-steel panels and handrails needed from highly specialised and reputable producers. BSS adapted, assembled and installed the various elements, and followed this project to the finish line.

The resources we used and the care we gave to this project show our company values; Building Steel Solutions give this enthusiasm to every single thing we do, be that smaller projects or larger ones, we are here to the finish line and we are carrying out your metalwork to the best of our ability in a timely and safe manner.

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