Construction & Refurbishment


BSS supply and assist with steelwork for many structural steel refurbishment projects in the South of England. Our experience allows us to deploy our skills over a range of different sectors.

Steel is at the heart of many refurbishments, from structural steel refurbishment, or steel frames for extensions or internal support. The complex process of refurbishment can include many things, for example extensions or the modernising of old-fashioned structures. In most cases, there is a need for steel framework; steel’s properties make it a reliable and strong material to work with. Not only do BSS provide and install the steel, but we carry out careful preparation, and extensive drawings and calculations from our drawing office.

Building Steel Solutions is in our name; our experienced team work together to communicate, overcoming any obstacles we may face. You can put your faith into us; we provide refurbishment of structural steel for your buildings, and our responsible and proactive team will communicate with you every step of the way. We take pride in finished projects, and the lengths we take to get you there. Our aim is always to get you results in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner, which requires a solutions-led approach to overcome unexpected challenges with our experience and problem-solving.

Examples of our experience among a range of sectors include:

  • Major office block and ‘change-of-use' refurbishments
  • Commercial buildings and premises, optimising floor plans and layout
  • Refurbishment of pubs, hotels and restaurants
  • Mixed residential and commercial premises
  • Listed and heritage buildings; buildings located in Conservation Areas.


All of the above require a mixture of careful survey, design and planning, with the flexibility to adapt to unexpected revelations; old buildings often take time to reveal their ‘hidden secrets’, which can lead to challenges on a project.

Many of the projects we carry out are done so within the schedule laid out by the client; we always make the
effort to minimise disruption to the business we are working on. Sometimes we are able to even do this
around a still-operating business, but this is subject to circumstance