Highway Steelwork & Railway Steelwork

For years BSS have been working with the Highway Agency to provide structural steelwork for major highways in the UK. Our services don’t stop there, with regular work on railways to deliver scheduled repairs, maintenance, and installation of steel.

Highway Steelwork

For Building Steel Solutions, partnership is at the heart of all we do. We partner with a range of contractors to deliver scheduled railway repairs, maintenance and installation of both live and non-live steel.

We are problem solvers at heart, and we love a challenge. Our designs and our decisions are based on the client’s needs and requests, and we can carry out jobs in a tight time frame or in tight conditions; for example, we installed new parapets on Marcon Place Underbridge in 99 hours over the Easter Bank Holiday 2013.

We apply our railway steelwork experience and a range of techniques to overcome challenges and ensure that work is completed as scheduled.

In the event of emergencies, we are always only one call away. BSS deployed labour to a site within two hours of a phone call requesting maintenance work on the rails of a railway bridge in Battersea on a Friday evening. All steel replacement plates requested were delivered to the site the next day, and our team installed them and replaced rusted connections as requested. Our design and drawing team took our inspection and interpreted the requirements. Our workshop engineered the new components and everything was delivered to the site in hours. Our communication and quick response as a team ensured that the delays caused only occurred over a small period of time, opposed to weeks of waiting for supplies.

BSS has a Certification for Execution Class EXC3 under CE legislation, which allows our business to carry out the supporting of structures crafted with steel with structural components made of aluminium alloys. Typical examples of these include buildings with more than 15 floors, pedestrian, bicycle, road, and railway bridges, and crane tracks.

We also provide a full range of specialised diamond drilling, cutting, anchoring and crack repair services for this.

Railway Steel Services

BSS is a tier two contractor recommended contractor with Connect Plus. This means that our business participates in small, medium, and large projects.

Highway steelwork presents a multitude of engineering challenges. We work with our teams within the business and outside the business, and utilise the Highways Agency to provide timely, effective solutions that follow safety guidelines.

We apply a range of alternative resources and techniques, which enable us to meet our targets for strategically planned maintenance. In more urgent cases, we aim to be on site within a few hours of the call. Our rapid and effective responses are what make our company so trustworthy when it comes to highway services.

Our highway services include:

• Structural steel repairs: viaducts, parapets, gantries, structures, signage, vehicle and pedestrian restraint systems, Armco crash barriers, balustrades etc.

• Steel works and repairs for motorway, highway and road bridges,

• Specialised expertise for repairs to cracks and metal fatigue.

• Site non-destructive testing (NDT) of materials and welds; ultrasonic, magnetic particle, acid etching.

• Highway bridge parapets and structural metal decking.

• Armco barrier installation and repairs.

• Remanufacture and refurbishment of Maurer road ramp plates.

• Full range of specialised diamond drilling, cutting, anchoring and crack repair services.

• Site painting – remedial and new – shotblasting.

• Structural staircases, pedestrian walkways, gantries and ladders.

Highway Steel Services

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