Construction & Refurbishment

Steel Framed Buildings

BSS has a broad range of expertise when it comes to steel frame buildings.

The frame of a building is one of the most fundamental things in construction, and there is no margin for error here. This is why we use designs and 3D modelling to ensure that all fabrications made on-site at BSS or at the project site are correct. The safety of all is crucial to us, and using 3D modelling allows us to visualise the planned structure.

When we have done this, and everything has been checked against the measurements of our surveying team, we are able to send this to the workshop to be fabricated. BSS manufacture the required steels, connections and components, and deliver these to site for our expert installers to erect the framework.

All safety precautions are taken, and where needed, evaluations and test projects are carried out to ensure the security of employees and clients.

These services have been used on a wide range of projects where we supplied and erected steelwork for hotels, churches, retail, and residential establishments. You can find out more on our projects page.

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