Steel Welding Services

Building Steel Solutions has a very talented and qualified team of welders to carry out steel welding services for a host of tasks and projects. Our team have years of experience and they are versatile; they take on a range of different projects from simple connections and components, to entire steel building frameworks on site and major components for construction or infrastructure projects.

Steel welding services

The welding team are well trained to work with a variety of materials, which means they have the ability to work on detailed, intricate architectural designs. Similarly, they have been trained to carry out a wide range of techniques appropriate for any situation. Our expert welders give great attention to technical detail, for example control of heat and gas, speed of welds and depths to achieve the correct and safe fusion of materials.

Techniques Available:



Pulse MAG Welding

Plasma Dressing

BSS have specialist welding expertise when it comes to metal fatigue and other challenging applications. Our knowledge and our network of contacts have only grown with our regular repair work on motorways and highways. Addressing structural fatigue or failure in steel structures is a core expertise of our welding services. This requires careful and accurate analysis, creative solutions and close cooperation with contractors and specialised partners in areas such as testing, laboratory services, welding technology and documentation.

We have a firm belief in partnership being a central part of our company here at BSS, and this makes us an ideal partner wherever structural fatigue or failure needs to be addressed, or remedial welding is required. Our team are happy and available to tackle projects across the country.

Our welding team are available both from our Portsmouth base, or from our on-site workshop services, which bring our steel welding services and much more right to your site. You can read more about it here.

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