North Kent Community Church

North Kent Community Church (now renamed Eastgate Church) is an impressive steel framed, purpose-built church. This is one of many steel frame buildings which brought together the combined strengths of Building Steel Solutions’ drawing team, workshop and erection teams.


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North Kent


North Kent Community Church

For completion of this project, we worked with T&B Ltd., a business with particular expertise in religious and community buildings, to create a stable, safe space in which individuals could practice their worship.


Our Design and Support team used 3D modelling to give a clear impression of the shape and scale of the project as a whole. Our erection team worked hard to create the steel fabricated in our workshop as per the design team’s calculations, transport it to the site, and erect the steel frame, topped by the wide arced span of the roof, which provided an impressive central space for worship, with the benefits of a kitchen and office space set off to the side.


Despite uncooperative weather, the steel superstructure was completed on schedule and the client was very happy with the new addition to the community.