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Ship and Trades

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Over the years, we have helped numerous historic pubs and hotels expand and restructure their businesses, breathing new life into the architecture and mixing their heritage with a modern twist.


Ship & Trades is a pub and hotel on the waterfront in Chatham. The 19th-century building started life as a dockyard office and an engineering shop until it was taken over in 2001 and turned into the Ship and Trades pub.  


BSS assisted in the latest building upgrades, which included the creation and installation of steelwork for the stairs and conservatory, fabricating railings with mesh panel infills, and bespoke galvanised gutter supports. These things alone help the building take a step into the 21st century while nodding to the heritage of the building. Likewise, they maximise the location, utilising the view of the Chatham Marina with the conservatory and the balconies for which we supplied the railings.  


This renovation has added character to the pub and expanded the eating space to include an additional 80 diners. BSS had a hand in this fantastic renovation, providing our steel and services for the best possible result for our customer. 


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